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How to Soothe and Comfort Your Friend when They Feel Sad

Listen first

Listen to what he told, don’t cut off before he finished his talk or ask your opinion. Focus your eyes on him and be an active listener, when your friends stop for a while and look at your reaction, repeat what he just said, but in your own words, to show that you’re really listening.

Focus on positive things

Give compliments to the positive things from him. Express what you admire about your friend and give a thought to him that he has something to be grateful. For example: When he had just broken up from his girlfriend, you can comfort him by saying, “you still have family and friends who care about you” or “you are handsome / smart anyway, surely there will be another girl who can appreciate you “

Let him vent his emotions

If he cries or express the problem with great emotion. Let him. He just wants to let go all the burden of his mind, don’t press him to settle quickly. After he is satisfied and relieved,

Cute Date Ideas

Letting your date know beforehand that you wish to take them out is important. You will need to ask them whether they will be available during your chosen time or if there is need to choose some other time. The importance of this is that it will save you from disappointments that frequently come about when the request is impromptu. As regards to the other details, it is wise to play your cards as close to your chest as possible.

One of the ideas that you may want to consider is to take her bird watching. Nature is one of the greatest recipes for romance. The caws, chirps, cries, coos and screams of various bird species in the woods provide a somewhat scary yet awfully romantic environment. It is important to choose the location carefully where you may interact with a few other people but not too many.

A surprise trip is a brilliant idea if you have the money and the time. For a good trip you need at the very least, a whole day so that you take her away from the immediate environment.

Tips to Make Successful Dating and Healthy Relationship

Everyone feels the need of a life partner. But it is not enough to build a relationship. A healthy relationships requires lots of work, compromise and willingness that a man or a woman must be ready to resolve conflict in a positive manner.

Young lovers always find themselves in a strange position when it comes to dating, love or proposing someone for marriage. The first date has significant values for boys and girls. To make your first date experience there are variety of romantic date ideas.

A variety of good first date ideas here is shared to ease your first date. It is a relevant fact that for a successful first date is to give optimum opportunity for interaction with the partner. It doesn’t mean that stretching longer time that makes the first meeting absolute boredom.

Here are some of good first date ideas. To maintain a healthy relationship common features among individuals are necessary. It is true that individuals have different choices but if most of likes are common it supports massively in building a strong commandership.

You must start your

Tips to Get a Boyfriend

To really find the right man for you, you have to know who YOU are.

Being able to discover who you are and what you are really all about is key to being able to find the right guy. You need to know more about yourself in order to figure out what man is going to fit into your life the best. If you don’t know who you are and what you are all about, you’ll find that you can end up attracting just about any guy and you won’t really realize that they are wrong for you until you are already with them.

 You need to be able to go to places where the right guys for you are going to be spending their time.

One of the worst things that you can do if you want to attract the right man is to end up spending all of your time and your energy in the wrong places. If you are not looking for the kind of guy who is trying to be a player with women, but you end up in the clubs where those guys spend their time, those

Problems in Dating amongst Teenagers

It is quite often heard of that a middle school girl was assaulted by none other than her dating partner. Generally, people will have notion that such acts are conducted by an unknown person, but with rapidly growing rate of teenage dating, the stories of “assault’ are surfacing in number.

Many of the teenagers revealed in survey that they were touched and force to touch undesirable places against their wish.

Some others also revealed that they had to share their pocket money and other precious things with their girl friend or boyfriend and all this was against kind of “blackmailing”.

The common reasons for such violence

Stage of emotional and social development

Teenage is the period when an individual is neither in the childhood stage nor reaches the maturity of an adult. They are yet in the phase wherein emotional and social development contuses. And this is the period when they are not mature enough emotionally to decide the “right” and “wrong” for themselves. Socially, they are not mature enough to realize who is good for them and who is playing up a fast. And all this put together make things even more

Online Dating Email Advice

The world of communication can be joined through networking websites like face book, Gmail talk, and yahoo chat and so on. People seeking to get a date online can register with online dating sites. And if you are not sure how to go about it, then there are many service providers offering Online Dating Email Tips. You just need to sign up for the concerned account and emails will start to follow your inbox. Professionals are engaged in writing these suggestions, so that it can help you significantly when impressing someone. Further, you can discuss your problems that are coming into your way. It is guaranteed that you will get the solutions.

  • Whatever you do, make sure you are not following the old tips to chase your date online. Write some creative wordings, which can attract the person chatting with you. However, the language needs to be easy to understand.
  • Give the person more preference who is talking to you. Never focus much on your personality. Give more chance to the other person.
  • Make the conversations funny and never talk very seriously. It will help you make a good impression. It can also help the other person

How to Getting Your ex Back?

You have multiple questions in your mind that how to get your ex back even after getting a bad breakup. Life will not be meaningless and unfair if you will read the book “The Magic of Making up” to win over your ex. Your friends and family don’t even understand how bad you feel they take it as just a part of life.

No one will understand about your actual condition as how bad it feels to be out from the one you love. If you are looking for how to win your ex back free then there are few tips to follow to get your love back. These will be practically help you out, just have a look-

# If you are interested in getting your ex backs in your life then the first and foremost thing to do is to give yourself some time to feel good again to get your love back.

# If you are extremely interested in getting your love back so you need to be sure about how much your love he or she. If you truly think that your breakup was a mistake then you should do extra

Try These Tips to Meet Single Women for Marriage

Online Dating

Compared to the traditional arranged marriage, online dating is a popular way that meets the need of singles who want freedom of love and marriage. If you have problems in meeting more people and find a foreign bride, joining online dating sites is a good way. With the rapid development in Internet and software, it is just like offline dating. There is a full set of communication tools and services for online daters to stay contact with each other. You can chat Russian women even though you are in America or Canada. You can hear the beautiful voice of your hot Ukraine lady by making a love call. If you miss your nice Chinese girl, meet her on Live Video. If you could not stand it, fly to meet her in person. Sometimes it is more effective because absence makes the heart grow fonder. And the numerous success stories on different online dating sites can prove everything.

As to online dating services, there are free and paid dating sites. To choose which one is all up to you. If you can afford the money, better choose a paid dating site. It is more reliable.

Tips to Make Him Fall in Love with You

You are the only person you can be

This is probably the most basic piece of advice that can possibly be given to someone wondering how to make him fall in love with you. Focus on this key point – fall in love with you. You want a guy to fall in love with you and not an approximation of you. If you have funky taste in clothes and a ribald wit, go with it! Playing a role and acting as if you are someone you are not is the last thing you want to do. This will only result in your unhappiness, and your guy sensing the deceit.

He’s the man, so let him be

You can be as equal as you want in your profession, but when it comes to the man you love, let him play the strong, protecting role. What is the harm if you let him pull out your chair or get the car door for you? He wants to play masculine in front of you! So be Jane to his Tarzan once in a while. He’ll eat it up!

Get Your Laugh on

If I was dating

Tips to Get a Girlfriend

First of all, one should not be too desperate in order to find a girlfriend. Every man needs to be self confident and independent. Every girl likes an independent guy. No one likes a nagging person, who desperately tries to cling to a woman for company. First of all, a guy should try to make friends rather than hunting for a girlfriend right at the beginning. In the process, the guy will meet many women and get into friendly casual conversations with them. So the guy will gain a lot of confidence while interacting with women.

A guy should always try to help others. Every woman like this quality and this can be a useful technique if you want to know how to get a girl to like you. Helping others can be carrying something heavy for an old woman or opening the door for someone. Try to be nice and kind hearted at all the times and not simply during the times when she will be around. She will certainly notice your virtues and have a positive impression about you. Try to talk to a number of girls on frequent occasions. This will help you to

First Date Body Language Tips

As discussed body language signals play a vital role when you date somebody. Here in this article we will discuss about various body language to impress your date. Do follow simple steps and you will see that your date gets impressed in first date itself. Undermentioned are some of the tips to follow while dating:

Cross legs or arms

First and foremost, make sure you do not sit with crossed legs or arms, as that shows you are reserved or lack confidence. Hence, so not cross legs and arm when you stand or sit with your date.

Eye contact

While talking to your date make sure you maintain an eye contact with your date without continuously staring at him/her. Maintaining a gentle eye contact can take you directly to your date’s heart, as it is said that eyes are the door way to heart.

Keep smiling

Well, make sure you keep a smiling face, so as to make your date feel comfortable and confident. However, a smile can win any heart, but make sure you do not pass a smile unnecessarily.

Facial expression

Mostly, your facial expression speaks a lot

Make Friends on Internet

If we say that internet makes world very small then it is absolutely correct. By using internet service we are able to see the person who is thousands miles far away from us but still we can talk them live. It is not less than any miracle and all the credit of this miracle goes to Sir Tim Berners who is the founder of World Wide Web. Because of internet world in our hectic and busy we are able to maintain our relations very easily, comfort and smartly with the speed of air. No doubt to saying that distance between people in miles is become very large but till yet the distance for connect them is become very tinny.

As all we know that there are lots of websites which are allow us to connect with our friends and relatives through out the world like Google+, facebook etc, which are known as social websites. And for all that we have to pay a very little amount or can say a negligible amount to access World Wide Web that is Internet. And even since last decade www platform also provides a service which is called internet relationship service by which anyone can

Know the Reasons why Some Men Different with other while Dating

The men who are different

There are men who are different from the general one. They find it hard to approach their women counterpart. They generally have a hesitation to be the first one to take the initiative. They prefer to be in a shell rather than coming out of it in the open. They are sometimes mistaken as people who are egoistic and non-interactive. But, looking into the deeper aspect one can understand it is only the “hesitation” and nothing else.

Example of such men

A study indicates that men belonging to Seattle are found to be shy, timid and also find it hard to start up a conversation. On one hand there are other men who come with bold offers to the women they are dating with, Seattleites on the other hand find it difficult to even sit next to a woman.

They find it difficult to merge with a new person or a group and the even if they are dating a woman they feel restrained.

So much so that they find it difficult to ask the basic personal details from a woman like her

Tactic to Pick Up Beautiful Women Without Perspiring

Self Poise and Confidence

If you learn to control your stutter and display confidence in front of women, they will be naturally drawn to you. Walk with a gait that is full of assurance and self reliability. Even if you are quivering from inside you need to display a royal stature. Attraction is like a game of animals the more power an animal wields power the more likely a female will be attracted to that male. You need to be sure and positive about the way you speak so as to command authority in the place where women are seated.

Pick up Artist Techniques

Be open and frank with her. If you are approaching her for the long haul or for a casual relationship you should be honest with her. This is one of the most basic pick up artist techniques that is usually ignored by people, they think by disguising their actual intentions they will be able to snare a women within seconds. This misguiding thought is what makes men appear as chauvinistic pigs.

External Appearance and Outlook

The way you present yourself to the world is exactly the way you will

Mantras to Attract Women


Approaching women can be a piece of cake if you do not over analyze the consequences and feel let down by every rejection you encounter. Go with a beaming smile and adopt a positive attitude so that your positivity is reflected externally. Optimism has helped many countries win wars so how difficult can it be to win the heart of a woman?

Go solo

You might believe that the secret of how to approach a woman successfully lies in taking a wingman or your friend with you to break the ice; you are sorely mistaken if you feel this way. If you have seen the popular show “How I met your mother” and perceived the way Barney comes across as a jerk while approaching women it is mostly because he takes the help of a wingman. You should walk up to a woman alone; this shows that you are confident and sure of yourself.

Opening lines

As opposed to being spontaneous and saying the first thing that comes in your head it would be wise to memorize a few opening lines that would make you seem interesting and totally comfortable

Elderly Dating Tips

Be ready

If you are coming from a divorce or a death of a partner, make sure that you are ready especially if you have been with your partner for a long time. Forcing yourself to date even if you are not yet ready will be more stressful for you. Give yourself enough grieving period before getting into the dating scene again.

Go online

Dating online is a norm for some people now. If you have never tried it and are afraid to start physically dating, going online might be a good way to start off. Even if you will not be able to put to use your cologne that has pheromones for women, you will be able to gauge whether you and the other person will jive and get along with.

Join a club/class/organization

The main difficulty that some senior people would have when they start dating is meeting someone new to date. Since dating is not very common for a lot of people at this age, you will have to seek out and connect with someone who is in the same situation even if you have different reasons or circumstances that

Aspects that Play a Vital Function in Making Healthy Relationships

Identify exactly what is wrong

As earlier explain, there are several couples who can’t really figure exactly what is wrong with the relationship, however could describe at duration concerning what happened or did not take place. As opposed to playing the blame game, couples in a pleased relationship make an effort to detect the problem. When there are issues, they aren’t suggest, sarcastic, or out to wipe out each other; they stick to the issue at hand.


For individuals to really interact, they require to be comfy with each people. People in a healthy and balanced relationship, are assured that their companion is there to listen and assist them.


Yes, people in a delighted relationship fight, but when they do, they do not fear for their security. Arguments ought to not be a reason to cause physical or psychological damage to the various other person. Pleased couples place value on the person, and out the difference, due to the fact that every person is going to hurt you at some point or the other. It depends on you to determine, what is more crucial- the individual or the issue.


Tips to Attract Beautiful Girl

How to attract girls with regal outlook? You can start by dressing up in branded clothes that are fashionable. A man in a suit is mouth watering and a man in a designer suit will win the attention of every female in the room. If she is a cute and bubbly girl then clothes won’t matter as much, you can easily squeeze a laugh out of her by making mild jokes but don’t offend her and make sarcastic remarks relating to gender, caste, creed, color or race. She is probably a volunteer to charities for such causes. If you are interested in a girl whose head is always buried inside a book then it’s probably better if you are an intellectual too. If you pretend to like whatever she likes she will probably detect it and you will lose all your bonus points with her.

Where to meet women of different types?

Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder is a saying that holds true for every women. Some men like feisty women whereas others might like a serene and calm woman. In order to unravel the mystery behind where to meet women who seem

How to Seduce your Ex-Girlfriend?

How would you prefer to be ready to seduce your ex-girlfriend so she not solely needs to copulate with you once more, she finds herself wanting you badly and desires to be your girlfriend again? If that sounds too smart to be true, i do know why you’re feeling that method. You’ve got been instructed that when associate in Nursing is your ex-girlfriend, it’s next to not possible to do to induce her back. Whereas that will be true for guys in UN agency were complete jerks to their ex-girlfriend, if you were a fairly somebody and things simply did not. You’ll be able to realize how to seduce her into wanting you back in her life once more. It will and will happen all of the time.

If she gets the impression that the sole issue you’re craving for could be a one night stand or one thing like that, she may be about to be pretty cold to you. On the opposite hand, if you bump into such as you simply need to speak and establish some rapport along with her, then she’s going to be plenty additional probably to be hospitable the concept of

Why use Free Online Dating Sites?

Save money

Of course, the easiest to the eyes fact that works for the free options is the lack of costs. You don’t need to pay at least here for getting someone you find interesting. If you think this is a small thing, check with some of the paid sites to understand how high they are charging the customers.

Meet people from places you want

No matter what kind and nature of people who interests you, it is possible to find them online. You can look for free dating sites in USA and Canada, as well as, for any other country you want. Some of this website even focus on global people, so there is no way that you can miss a chance.

A huge database

Since these online free dating sites don’t charge the people who join them, there are a huge number of members on most of these portals. When you start your voyage of finding that special someone in all the choices, you will have many more alternatives.

Easy to set profile

Do you know how to profile yourself right? Yes, free online dating websites ask